The Grievance Committee of the Clermont County Bar Association has been given the authority by the Supreme Court of Ohio to investigate allegations of ethical misconduct against attorneys which arise in Clermont County. Grievances against judges or attorneys in other counties may be directed to the Disciplinary Counsel of the Supreme Court of Ohio, 250 Civic Center Drive, Suite 325, Columbus, Ohio 43215-7411, (614) 461-0256 or 1-800-589-5256 or to the Bar Association of the appropriate county.

The authority of the Grievance Committee is limited to the investigation of attorney misconduct which would be in violation of the specific Disciplinary Rules which are included in the attorney’s Code of Professional Responsibility and/or the Ohio Rules of Professional Conduct located on the Ohio Supreme Court website http://www.supremecourt.ohio.gov/ . The Bar Association has no authority to investigate other behavior by an attorney which the public may view as “unethical”, but which is not covered by the Disciplinary Rules.

Please understand that this Committee has no jurisdiction over and will not become involved in the legal merits of any case. It cannot change the outcome of your case or redeem your losses, monetary or otherwise. The Bar Association and its Grievance Committee cannot interfere with ongoing court proceedings, nor can it give you legal advice or represent you. The Grievance Committee’s sole function is to investigate and seek discipline for attorney misconduct.

As the grievance procedure is separate and distinct from any civil cause of action, you may pursue a lawsuit in court against an attorney at the same time that your complaint against the attorney is being investigated. The fact that you have filed a grievance with the Bar Association will not affect the time limitation for the proper filing of any civil suit against your attorney or against anyone else.

The Grievance Committee operates under rules adopted by the Supreme Court of Ohio which are designed to protect the public from attorney misconduct and to uphold the integrity of the Bar. It is the goal of the Grievance Committee members to thoroughly investigate the complaints of attorney misconduct in the manner that is fair to both the accused attorney and the interests of the public.

Once we receive your complaint, the attorney against whom you are filing your grievance will be notified and have 14 days to respond. Your grievance MAY result in your attorney withdrawing from your case. We cannot prevent this. You may or may not be contacted to provide additional information. The Grievance Committee meets once a month, at which time the complaint and the attorney response will be considered. Notification of any action taken will be sent to you following the decision of the committee.

Once we receive your initial complaint, it may take up to 150 days for us completely to review and respond to your grievance. You will have the right to appeal at the conclusion of the Grievance Process if you disagree with the outcome determined by the Committee




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